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Sirens on Ju 87s

You asked an interesting question, Mike, in that I'm sure many of us have just assumed those propeller thingies on the u/c fairing were, in fact, air-driven sirens. But, since you did ask the question, I did some research on it.

In the Ju 87 D-1 manual of May 1942 I found the following: "To increase the noise (howling) during a diving attack, sirens are mounted on the left and right u/c fairings. They are powered by wind-driven-propeller generators.

"They are switched on and off electro-hydraulically. ... The sirens should be switched on before the dive commences, i.e. before the dive brakes are extended. ... They should be switched off after the conclusion of the dive and after the aircraft has slowed to 320kph."
Hope this helps,
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