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Re: Dr Prince also wrote a book, with Mike Spick, on 5 famou

Originally Posted by George Hopp
aircraft of World War 2. I don't know about the accuracy of the stories on the other aircraft, but the one on the Bf 109 is a flashback to William Green and 1970! In fact, they show a Beulen 109 with a tall tail and short tail wheel strut, and call it a 109K. They also mention that its cowling armament is "two 15 mm cannons." Perhaps other parts of the story are better, but that thingie on the 109K has sort of put me off reading it.
I was thinking the same, I have a few books done by Price I bought in the seventies, and am wondering if they are just extracts taken from what he wrote on the subjects from back then, with no updated info included.

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