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Re: Barbas and Die Geschichte des ... Jagdgeschwaders 52

Just in from Bernd Barbas asking me to share this information with you all:

Hello Ruy,

I just read your note at 12 o' clock.

I am still working at I / JG 52, the main work is done, but I want to rework the text file and sort out the foto part.

I have good friends who do the work on pictures and found someone who can do a much better scanning job.

I will leave my home during the whole May and therefore not working at this book. At the beginning of June I will return and start with the rework.

I hope, that everything is completed until end of August for the JG 52 reunion. If not, I try to complete until October for the reunion of all fighter units .

Sorry for this delay, but this is also based on the slow sales for the II Gruppe book.

The homepage for JG 52 is under the responsibility of my friend Rene Thiel ( I do not influence here anything besides to help with answers ). I heared, Rene is working far from home and not working at this homepage at all.

Please inform all friends about this situation. Thank you for your interest.

PS. : ALL customers of II / JG 52 will be informed by mail , when I / JG 52 is ready for sale.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Kind regards

Bernd Barbas
Ruy Horta
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