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Re: Luftwaffe attacks on North African airfields in 1942

Here is what is written in the classic book 'Fighters over Tunisia':

15 November 1942:

Bone was dive-bombed all day by Ju 88s, one of which failed to pull out and crashed straight into the ground on the northern corner of the airfield.
The two squadrons here were constantly in the air, FO K L Waud of 81 Sqn claiming a He 111, while Sgt Baker claimed a Ju 88. F/Sgt Friar attacked 2 Ju88s which were classed as probably destroyed, but was badly shot-up and crashed while trying to land; he died that night from his injuries. PO Tinsey and Sgt Stevenson of 111 Sqn each claimed Ju 88s also, and F/Sgt Jonsson, the RAF’s only Icelandic pilot, claimed a He 111, PO Christian claiming to have shared another of these with a pilot of another squadron. A I/KG 54 Ju 88 was reported missing over Bone, and two aircraft from 2/(F)122 also failed to return. Details of He 111s are not known.

20 November 1942:

Later that night German bombers attacked the crowded Maison Blanche airfield, 39 Ju 87s and 88s destroying five Beaufighters of 255 Sqn, and damaging 4 more, also destroying 3 B-17s, 2 P-38s and several Spitfires, killing 11 personnel and injuring 28 more. One of the dead was FO H Wyrill, DFC, of 255 Sqn, who was struck by bomb splinters as he was about to get into his Beaufighter; his navigator, F/Sgt J Williams, DFM, was wounded. The squadron was very upset about its inability to intercept without radar equipement.

Not exactly the answer of your question, but at least you have the good dates for the raids

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