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Re: New book 'Fury', by Arnaud Gillet

I agree with Peter that we must now look forward to the alternative version.

Meantime a few other points from Arnaud's book that are interesting:

Arnaud spotted Hobler in a couple of photos from the phoney war in the IWM 'C Series' (402 & 403) so they must be of 142 Squ - be grateful if anybody can identify some additional faces.

Hobler's plane is now almost certainly (from French records and various photos) P2195 and not P2246 as stated in the ORB. P2195 is definitely the much photograhed wreck at Artaise which finished up at the edge of the road. For those who have a copy of Peter's T&N there is a photo of the wreck at p394, although there is no grave as captioned. The camera angle is just misleading on a fencepost and the top of the ditch.

The issue of timings is interesting. The draft 142 Squ ORB has timings not included in the finished version. But why? We can only hope some log books surface !!

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