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Digital Library of the Combined Arms Research Library

I discovered today the Digital Library of the Combined Arms Research Library (site

This is showing (as PDF) unclassified UA military reports.

For the moment my most interesting findings is a serie of monthly chronology for 1944 (July to December) describing all fronts.

The real interest of this serie is to show side-by-side the ground actions and the tactical air support provided with more or less details.

For example, the 2nd TAF number of sorties, weight of dropped bombs and main targets are given daily (for October 1944, the file I went first). A good add-on to Shore's book.

Same data is available for all frontlines (even the Eastern, but far more limited, as data about this part of the war is probably drawn from Soviet and German communiques rather than military reports).

To find this, select the WWII Operationnal documents on the first page and type OK.
Then change one of the search terms to "Date, original" and type 1944 on the nearby field. Type search.
The chronologies are on pages 2 and 3 of the search results. They are then divided in several PDF files (1 for Western Europe, 1 for ETO, 1 for East Front,...)
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