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Re: Boris Safonov real claims and german losses

Amounts of victories depends of period and person who did this. After his death was produced by propaganda hero. Propaganda needed many victories and it had got.

Second I have written, that between 3 and 8 destroyed planes (> 60 % damage in LW standards) - 3 is a minimal destroyed but also could be 8.
Other planes could be damaged.

Next 14 victories had claimed on I 16 typ 24 (4x7,62 SzKAS - not very strong weapon in 1941), 2 on HC and 4 on P-40E.
Depends on how you describe the victory and claim (3 or 8 destroyed planes)?

In my opinion Christer Bergström's book RED STAR-BLACK CROSS; has too many errors many times written by me after I edition. He has produced a book which contain too many myths and untrue data. The information about Safonov's victories he had obtained from Yuryj Rybin resarches and this information are credible. I based on Rybin's works too.

Small correction to my data
Safonov had done 224 (not 225) combat sorties and fought in 34 air duels/combats (not in 35),
sorry with this mistake.

Mirek Wawrzyński
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