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Hello Mike,

Here is what I have in regard the mentioned Werk numbers and loss dates (sorry only Bf109s):


WNr.3877 E-1 7./JG26 Gefr. Peter Holzapfel (MIA), combat with Spitfire, area Kenley - 100%
WNr.2762 E-4 KF+SV 5./JG27 Fw. Erich Braun (POW), combat with fighters - crashed, parashuted, over Tonbridge - 100% black 6+−
WNr.1216 E-4 (E-3) 7./JG53 Oblt. Hans Riegel (Stkp) (MIA), combat with Spitfire, area Tilbury - 100%
WNr.3751 E-4 CI+EQ 4./JG53 Oblt. Günther Schulze-Blanck (Stkp) (WIA), aircombat - cockpithit, east of Tonbridge - 30%

07.09.40. - some losses that might fit

WNr.3909 E-4 (E-1) 1./JG2 Oblt. Adolf von Götz (POW), engine trouble - emergency landing, near St.Radegund's Abby - 100%
WNr.4840 or WNr.6342 E-1 1./JG51 Uffz. Heinz zur Lage (POW), aircombat - crashed, parashuted, SE of London - 100% white 7+
WNr.3320 E-4 (E-1) 5./JG2 Uffz. Willi Melchert (POW), combat with Spitfire - crashed, near Folkestone - 100% black 6+−
WNr.735 E-4(E-3) 6./JG26 Uffz. Ernst Braun (POW), combat over London - crashed, near Dover - 100%
WNr.5091 E-3 3./JG51 Gefr. Heinrich Werner (POW), aircombat - crashed, parashuted, SE of London - 100% yellow 9+
WNr.5249 E-4(E-3) Stab III./JG3 Oblt. Leonhard Göttmann (KIA), aircombat - crashed, in the Themse estuary - 100%
WNr.4097 E-4 9./JG51 Uffz. Kurt Koch (POW), aircombat - crashed, parashuted, SE London - 100% yellow 11+
WNr.5385 E-4 KB+JC 4./JG26 Oblt. Hans Krug (Stkp) (POW), aircombat - emergency landing, near Pluckley - 100% white 12+−
WNr.5390 E-4 1./JG27 Lt. Günther Genske (POW), combat with fighters over London - crashed, parashuted (wounded), West Ham - 100%
WNr.5811 E-4/B 1./JG77 Obfw. Gotthard Goltzsche (POW), aircombat south of London - crashed, north of Tenterden - 100% white 11+


no data for WNr.2693, obviously an error because 2693 should have been a D-1! I guess this is the one you're looking for
WNr.6239 E-1 5./JG53 Uffz. Josef Wurmheller, aircombat - crashed, into the Sea - 100%

WNr.6050 E-1 7./JG54 Uffz. Fritz Marcks (POW), aircombat - emergency landing, bei Bexhill - 100% white 4+
WNr.5818 E-4/N(E-4/B) Stab/JG26 Hptm. Walter Kinzle (WIA) (POW), combat with Hurricane - crashed, parashuted, near North Chapel - 100%
WNr.4861 E-4 5./JG2 Uffz. Alois Dollinger (KIA), combat with Spitfire in the area of Portland - crashed, parashuted, near Sprakefield - 100%

I Hope this helps you.
BTW, from which source is your (crash?) location data?

best regards,
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