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Re: Me262 over Korea

I would imagine the heavy podded engines on the wing would have a fairly vicious gyroscopic effect whilst rolling in dogfights. The Me 262 was basically designed for speed over slower adversaries and not for dogfights.

Also the Soviets captured at least two intact Me 262s and test flew them, plus several dismantled examples. If they were so good why did the Soviets field the Mig-15 rather than a reverse enngineered Me-262. The answer is self evident that the Mig-15 was superior to the Me-262.

By implication the Me-262 would be cannon fodder for a Sabre.

The Mig was based on the similar German, Focke Wulf Ta-183 design, so the luftwaffe was already thinking of a second generation after the Me-262
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