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Re: Georg-Peter Eder Jet ace confirmation?

Originally Posted by Johannes View Post
Hi Nick

Thank you for your Eder scrutiny, and it's pleasing to hear that his claims are reasonably good. Regarding the P-38, as I say everybody else's are on the mikrofilms Eder's are not, therefore either it was not confirmed, or never was, trouble is that sometimes we are judging the honesty of pilots using the wrong information. As Eder's claims surjest that he is basically honest, but not following protocol to the letter, i.e probably not actually witnessing a crash, then in my opinion his jet claims were ALL post 3rd December 1944, well those that were worthy of submitting the paperwork.

Am currently looking into Hermann Graf, initially contrary to common belief amongst us his claim pattern doesn't seem too bad, he has always been associated with Ernst Suss, Heinrich Fullgrabe and Alfred Grislawski, yet it appears that is not the case, if he was working something with others it would be Leopold Steinbatz and Hermann Wolf, but as I say though he claimed so many in a short span of time, they are actually no where near as spectacular as Nowotny's or Lang's, assuming of course that not the whole staffel was working something together, and actually I think not. Actually I believe Graf was a shy man so would seem unlikely, but you can never tell.

Kind Regards

Graf? Well then, here's some help with him:

Hermann Graf

7th claim
near Balakliya

8th claim
50km W of Kharkov
This one is said to have been one of 8 BAP's losses, gunner was Starshina Vasiliy Kurayev, only one other survivor

13th and 14th claims
14.10.41/1610 and 1613
2 x “I-26s”
10-15km N of Walki
Day's fighter losses include 164 IAP, Ml.Lt. Aleksandr Nikolaevich Feoktistov KIA. 186 IAP lost Georgy Afanasyevich Chernyshev KIA (many claims throughout the day)

15th and 16th claims
24.10.41/1250 and 1252
2 x “I-61s”
Very likely 5/32 IAP/VVS-ChF. Fifteen losses in the last week of October

17th claim
Probably St.Lt. Mikhail Avdeyev of 5/32 IAP/VVS ChF, returned to base, damaged

18th claim
10km S of Juschno (Yushno)
Very likely 5/32 IAP/VVS-ChF. Fifteen losses in the last week of October
(remaining claims for October 41 follow the same pattern….)

27th claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
S of Rostov
4 ShAP, details pending

28th claim
I-16 "Rata"
10km NNE of Rostov
Day's fighter losses near Rostov include 271 IAP, Lt. Mikhail Ivanovich Trushin KIA

29th claim
ENE of Rostov
Could this have been the crew from 51 DBAP lost to fighters this date near Zagorsk? Crew of St.Lt. Sergey Bykov and crew all KIA. 81 DBAP lost crew of Ml.Lt. Sydor Semenovich Molochkov

32nd claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
E of Lysogorskaya
4 ShAP details pending

38th and 39th claims
27.12.41/1201 and 1205
2 x I-16 “Ratas”
Taganrog – Azov
88 IAP, overclaiming - no losses

43rd and 44th claims
7.1.42/1450 and 1455
2 x I-16 “Ratas”
VVS Southwestern Front. Day's fighter losses include Sergei Vasilyevich Demenkov WIA. 438 IAP lost Ml.Lt. Nikita Andriyanovich Taranov KIA

47th claim
135 BBAP or 13 GBAP. Details pending

50th claim
E of Kotowka
135 BBAP or 13 GBAP. Details pending

51st claim
Yak-1 ("I-180")
E of Staraya Saltow
Possibly the enagagement in which 296 IAP lost Lt. Mikhail Stepanovich Sedov KIA

52nd claim
Yak-1 (I-26)
15km E of Volzhansk
Possibly St.Lt. Ivan Fedorov of 487 IAP KIA

58th claim
15km W of Burluk
Was this Lt. Petr Fedorovich Yakimov of 273 IAP? WIA and DOW in hospital on 1.4.42

61st, 62nd and 63rd claims
3 x Yak-1s
flight between Grammatikovo and Zuerichtal, Kerch Peninsula
247 IAP, details pending

65th claim
I-16 "Rata"
36 IAP. Mayor Kartuzov WIA (shrapnel in leg)

79th – 85th claims
Day's losses in aerial combat include St.Serzhanti Vladimir Nikolaevich Belkov and Vladimir Grigorievich Svetovostokov of 269 IAP both KIA and Sergey Petrovich Bubyrev of 12 IAP KIA
36 IAP lost I-16 of Leytenant Martynov bellylanded and Kapitan Petr Grigorievich Safronenko and Lt. Kravchennko both baled out, 133 IAP lost Ml.Lt. Vasily Semyonovich Badanin KIA

88th and 89th claims
11.5.42/1745 and 1746
2 x I-16 "Rata" or MiG-1
Kerch Peninsula
VVS Crimean Front. 45 IAP lost St.Lt. Vasily Pavlovich Chernii (AE CO) KIA this date. One of these claims may pertain to him

91st – 96th claims
I-16 “Ratas”
Rogani sector
Graf's victims may include Lt. Arseniy Stepanov of 929 IAP, KIA this area

99th and 100th claims
Kharkov/Rogani area
13 GBAP. One known loss (slight overclaiming), details pending

105th claim
Kharkov/Rogani area
282 IAP lost St.Serzhant Leonid Sergeyevich Frolov KIA this date

106th claim
Kharkov area
99 BAP/4 RAG?
Note that 8 GBAP lost crew of Lt. Ivan Arkadievich Shilov this date

112th claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Caucasus (PQ 00667) @ 400m
7 GShAP, 4 VA

116th and 117th claims
14.8.42/1014 and 1020
2 x I-16 "Ratas"
Kuban area
36 IAP. Kapitan Lev Nikolaevich Terpugov (AE CO) WIA and Lt. Viktor Nikolavich Zharkov KIA

118th – 120th claims
Yak-1, Hurricane and LaGG-3
5 VA's fighter losses this date include Lt. Alexey Savin of 482 IAP KIA in a LaGG-3. 45 IAP lost Ivan Lukich Svinarenko and Serzhant Nikolai Georgiyevich Zjuzins baled out POW (later freed)

123rd – 125th claims
3 x I-153 "Tchaikas"
Kuban sector
238 ShAD, 5 VA. Details pending

126th claim
I-153 "Tchaika"
Krasnogorsk/Kuban area (PQ 85253) @ 600m
238 ShAD, 5 VA. Details pending

127th claim
Krasnogorsk/Kuban area (PQ 85494) @ low altitude
763 LBAP. Details pending

129th claim
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49154) @ 600m
Believe this was the engagement in which Lt. Aleksandr Stepanovich Bochkov of 287 IAP was KIA (several claims around this time)

131st claim
Yak? ("I-180")
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49194) @ 2200m
8 VA. Day's Yak losses include Starshina Grigory Yakovlevich Bondarev of 12 IAP KIA

134th claim
Yak-1 ("I-180")
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49421) @ 1200m
(There were at least 3 claims made during the engagement)
512 IAP. Slight overclaiming, only two aircraft lost with their pilots. Includes Politruk Grigoriy Kuznetsov KIA

136th and 137th claims
25.8.42/1151 and 1727 (is one of these timings in error?)
2 x LaGG-3s
5km E of Stalingrad
572 IAP, 864 IAP or 9 GIAP. 9 GIAP definitely lost Lt. Mikhail Mikhailovich Sarkin KIA this date

138th claim
Stalingrad area (PQ 59173) @ 1800m
8 VA. Day's fighter losses include St.Serzhant Ivan Ivanovich Snetkov of 867 IAP KIA

2.9.42/0912 and 1711
P-40 Kittyhawks
Stalingrad sector
731 IAP. Two P-40s lost this date, pilot details pending. There were 6 claims in total for P-40s over the Stalingrad

142nd claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49441) @ low altitude
8 VA. 2 IL-2s lost this date. One was from 211 ShAP, Serzhant Arkady Vasilyevich Sokolov KIA over the target (may have been attributed to Flak)

143rd claim
Pe-8 or DB-7
Stalingrad sector (PQ 59143) @ 7000m
Could this at all have been an aircraft of 840 APDD? Navigator Alexei Mikhailovich Fomin KIA this date

146th – 149th claims
Several fighters
4 Yak-1s and 3 Yak-7Bs lost this date. Anatoly Nikolayevich Alexandrov of 867 IAP was certainly KIA

150th claim
Stalingrad (PQ 49241) @ 2000m
8 VA, 16 VA (220 and 283 IADs) or 102 IAD/PVO. 8 VA lost one Yak-1 and one LaGG-3 this date whilst 16 VA lost 17 Yak-1s.
Known to me are: 273 IAP lost Serzhants Mikhail Semyonovich Budnikov, Nikolai Lavrentevich Bessonov and Aleksandr Stepanovich Chetvertukhin all KIA. 43 IAP lost Nikita Timofeevich Syusyukalov also KIA. 581 IAP lost St. Serzhant Alexander Ilyich Fedorinin KIA

151st claim
I-153 "Tchaika"
Stalingrad sector (PQ 40881) @ low altitude
629 IAP. Details pending

152nd claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49163) @ 400m
8 VA (6 IL-2s lost this date, includes Aleksandr Mikhailovich Smetanin of 694 ShAP and Serzhant Aleksandr Maximovich Shashin of 503 ShAP both KIA) or 16 VA (10 IL-2s lost this date)

8.9.42/1128 and 1135
2 x La-5s
Stalingrad sector
27 IAP, 287 IAD. Legitimate victories: two losses: Starshiy Leytenant Yevgeniy Bykob and Starshiy Serzhant Anatoliy Yegoshin both MIA

159th and 160th claims
9.9.42/1321, and 1324
3 x La-5s
Stalingrad sector
3 GIAP, 15 IAP or 27 IAP, 287 IAD, 8 VA. Very likely a misidentification or overclaiming, no La-5s lost this date

163rd claim
Know to have come from 270 BAD. Their 284 BAP lost two Pe-2s this day. Crew details pending

164th claim
P-40 Kittyhawk
731 IAP, actually made it home (I need to chase this one up…)

167th and 168th claims
14.9.42/0800 and 0804
2 x I-16 "Rata"
Stalingrad sector
629 IAP, includes Starshiy Politruk Teplitskiy MIA

169th claim
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49411) @ 1000m
8 VA or 16 VA (220 and 283 IAD) or 102 IAD/PVO. Losses include Ml.Lt. Ivan Stepanenko of 4 IAP, baled out

170th claim
I-16 "Rata"
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49423) @ 400m
629 IAP, St.Lt. Lysenko bellylanded safely

174th claim
P-40 Kittyhawk
Stalingrad sector (PQ 40882) @ 3500m
731 IAP, Starshina Vasiliy Prokhorov KIA

178th and 179th claims
18.9.42/1157 and 1159
2 x LaGG-3s
Stalingrad sector
If correctly identified: 572 IAP, 864 IAP or 9 GIAP. However, much more likely misidentified Yaks. 8 VA (no known Yak losses this date) or 16 VA (18 Yak-1s and 2 Yak-7Bs lost this date)

180th claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49134)
228 ShAD or 291 ShAD. Losses include a whole formation of 6 IL-2s from 245 ShAP. Losses in total: 8 VA (2 IL-2s lost this date) and 16 VA (12 IL-2s lost this date including that of Mayor Konstantin Vasilyevich Yarovoi and St.Serzhant Vasily Ivanovich Tuzukov, 688 ShAP). 954 ShAP (16 VA) lost Ml.Lt. Tikhon Ivanovich Khudyakov KIA. Note: 688 ShAP losses are generally attributed to I/JG 53 and III/JG 3

181st claim
Stalingrad sector (PQ 40784) @ 4200m
If correctly identified: 572 IAP, 864 IAP or 9 GIAP. However, more likely a misidentified Yak. 8 VA (2 Yak-1s and 1 Yak-7B lost) or 16 VA (6 Yak-1s and 5 Yak-7Bs lost) or 102 IAD/PVO.

3 x Yak-1s
8 VA (2 Yak-7Bs lost) or 16 VA 3 Yak-1s and 1 Yak-7B lost) or 102 IAD/PVO, day's Yak-1 losses include Leytenant Sultan Akmet-Khan of 4 IAP, baled out. Same unit lost Leytenant Vladimir Prokofyevich Anashkin KIA

184th claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49412) @ low altitude
8 VA (2 IL-2s lost) or 16 VA (no known losses). One of the two losses from 8 VA was Serzhant Vasily Nikolaevich Travin of 944 ShAP KIA

186th claim
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49272) @ 1200m
629 IAP, Ml.Lt. Peshekhonov KIA

189th claim
IL-2 Sturmovik
Stalingrad sector (PQ 49131 or 49201) @ 100m
8 VA (only 1 IL-2 lost this date) or 16 VA (no known IL-2 losses this date). Overclaiming? 503 ShAP lost Serzhant Vasili Mikhailovich Fedin KIA

198th and 199th claims
25.9.42/1441 and 1446
2 x La-5s
Stalingrad sector
287 IAD. 8 VA Only one known loss of a La-5 this date. Overclaiming?

200th claim
I-153 "Tchaika"
Pitomnik airfield (PQ 49294) @ 800m
(Hermann Wolf claimed as well)
3 AE, 629 IAP (102 IAD-PVO). Pilots Pavlov, Sergeev and Ovchinnikov in I-153s plus Mal’chenko and V. Smirov in I-16s. Overclaiming, no losses

201st and 202nd claims
26.9.42/1642 and 1658
LaGG-3 and Yak-1
Stalingrad sector
Do these pertain to the only Yak-7B lost by 16 VA this date? (No known losses by 8 VA)

205th and 206th claims
6.9.43/1050 and 1108
2 x B-17 Flying Fortresses
Stuttgart – Southern edge of the Black Forest
92nd BG, 7 losses including B-17F-80-BO 42-30000 of 327th BS (definitely over Germany) and B-17F-80-BO 42-30010 of 407th BS (will eventually update my database, then re-post)

209th claim
B-24H Liberator HSS
W of Berlin
42-54457 of 453rd BG. 1/Lt. Elmer Crockett and crew made it back to the channel then ditched. 5 survivors, 1 man KIA, 4 men MIA (already damaged by Flak)

211th and 212th claims
2 x P-51B-5 Mustang
N of Hannover – Schwarmstedt area
4th FG, most likely attributable loss is 43-6759/WD-P of 335th FS, Lt. William E Newell baled out and POW

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