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Re: Georg-Peter Eder Jet ace confirmation?

Hi Nick

I take it that you are not sure if you have ALL the Sowiet losses?
Just by looking at who claimed the same sortie as Graf I would say there are at least four pilots he is likely to have colluded with Leopold Steinbatz, then latter on Friedrich Bruckmann, Johann Kalb and Hermann Wolf, though guess we should call them innocent until you can confirm that you have details of all the Sowiet losses. By your scrutiny it would appear that any overclaiming worsened with Hermann Wolf.
Regarding his claims in the West can only be sure of the details of four of them, and I do not think he would have had the opportunity to overclaim, truly he had difficulty scoring in the West anyway, looking at it I would say that Grislawski was the better man anyway.

Attached are details of those who claimed the same time as Graf, should be that they were with him. Any claims where he is the only claimer I have marked as so(nur) in theory these should be legitimate as nothing given as an incentive to false-witness.AA.Graf.Hermann@~fraudulent claims.xls

Graf seemed a shy man, you would think he wouldn't want the fame his claiming caused. The poor man tried to sale his decorations to pay for treatment of his Parkinson disease, which is a horrible way to die.

Please let us know how much of the Sowiet losses you hold.

Kind Regards

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