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Re: Georg-Peter Eder Jet ace confirmation?

Hi Nick

Many thanks for the reply

Same with myself and claims, the only period when the microfilms include ALL claims is October 1943 until September 1944 with the exception of SG claims, basically the daily microfilm entries for October 1944 do not have JG5's data, then in December 1944 I believe it's fragmentary, however I have many Leistungsbucher, abschusseliste and flugbucher which enables me to say when the entries stop/start for any particular Geschwader, like JG7's ends 3rd December 1944 for example.

Thing is that without 99-100% list it's really difficult to state overclaiming with certainty, it's a harsh accusation that we can't say is 100% certain about.

I have 66,650 confirmed claims details, but suspect the true number of claims was anything from 70,000 to 80,000, rather less than we have been led to believe.

Kind Regards

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