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Re: Georg-Peter Eder Jet ace confirmation?

Your words:

Thing is that without 99-100% list it's really difficult to state overclaiming with certainty, it's a harsh accusation that we can't say is 100% certain about.

But making statements about pilots' honesty with no evidence whatsoever beyond "my friend told me so" is perfectly fine....?

Docking (for example) Hans Beisswenger's tally from 152 victories (officially accredited by his Government and his Air Force) down to 150 because as a post-war historian you personally don't think balloons count is also perfectly fine....?

I have only used the term "overclaiming" when I am certain no other losses took place. Often it is because somebody has checked ahead of me. If you read my posts carefully, I state the day's known losses or the engagement's known losses and I question myself a lot: "Could this have been...." "Was this....." and so on.
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