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Re: Georg-Peter Eder Jet ace confirmation?

Dear all,

relating to my post#7 in this thread I have to correct myself: The Me262 with WNr. 110 778, which was shot down on 22.02.1945 was not piloted by Georg-Peter Eder, because the document "Flugzeugunfälle und Verluste bei den Fl.Verbänden" of Genst.Gen.Qu.6Abt.Nr.260/45 g.Kdos.(V), dated 13.3.45, states for the 100% loss of WNr. 170 778 (must be 110 778) on 22.02.45, that its pilot remained unhurt (name not mentioned).

Does anybody have a „Namentliche Verlustmeldung“ for Eder´s last mission, when he had to bail out of his Me262 and suffered injuries to leg and head (as written in Boehme´s JG7 Chronicle, see page 133)? What is the date for this event?

My collection of "Namentliche Verlustmeldungen " for JG7 is incomplete. For Hptm. Georg Eder, Staffelkapitän 9.JG7, I have only one for 11. January 1945, when he had an accident at Fliegerhorst Parchim due to clear ice (Glatteis) and was sent to the Luftwaffe hospital at Wismar.

KR Karl
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