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Re: 15th AAF fighter escort tactics?

Well, yes, the tactic was similar.

BTW to me, it is interesting, that altough the Mustang FG's defended generally areas over the bomber stream, not escorted just particular BG's, the 332nd FG was mentioned since the end of the war as the only FG, which 'not lost a single bomber from the escorted ones'. It is evidently not true, just a propaganda statement, the German and Hungarian fighters shot down bombers in the areas, where the 332nd FG escorted the heavies.

The 306th FW used especially effective the outlaw formation on 7 August, 1944, when three outlaw flights of the 31st FG demolished a mixed german-Hungarian Messer formation. They were less tied to the bombers, so become more effective.


P.S. Peter, the P-47's flew till the northern border of Hungary.
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