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Re: 15th AAF fighter escort tactics?

You are right, the 332nd FG missed the biggest battles in this area, so no ace in that Group (Lee Archer is appears in some pages in the net as the only pilot with 5 kills in this unit, but only 4 kills were confirmed to him officially - I asked him about it but no answer).

We have discussed several weeks ago the battle west of Budapest on 27 July, 1944 (where a German Fw 190 pilot claimed 3 B-24's during one minute and I just asked, that how was it possible, that all claims were confirmed) On that particular day, for example, the 332nd FG was in that area as well, but couldn't safe the bombers (and the Hungarian fighters even shot down one of their Mustangs as well, the pilot killed - BTW the pilot, who shot him down, was shot down four weeks later by an ace of the 325th FG and he lost his life too...)
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