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Originally Posted by Six Nifty .50s
Lipinski's Spitfire IX (EN131) was claimed as shot down by a German test pilot from the Erla Werke factory flight.
If I can correctly decipher a poor scan of Fay's combat report, his victim was taken POW. Thus it must have been Tomasz Łęgowski of 316 Sqn. Fay is not mentioned on Tony Wood's list though.

The victim shot down by the P-47 was most likely a 611 Squadron Spitfire IX (EN567) piloted by Flying Officer V. S. Neill. The RAF had him listed as "possibly hit by B-17 gunners".
Even worsest RAF pilot could not mistook P-47 for B-17. Certainly there was a court of inquiry which provided more details.

The Brit writer Roger Freeman also didn't mention that the Spitfires may have attacked the Thunderbolts first. It wouldn't be the first time, or the last.
Yes indeed, Americans got the reputation of attacking first and only then asking.