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Re: Luftwaffe burials in the U.K.

Originally Posted by Geoff Kennell
Does anyone have the names of Luftwaffe aircrew buried in the U.K. outside of Cannock Chase, in other words, who are still buried in their original graves - or is there a website with this information?

Once I've got the names, I can use the German war graves website to find the location. I know that 'The Blitz, then & now' & 'The Battle of Britain then & now' (both of which I have) have information on some of the Luftwaffe aircrew not buried at Cannock Chase.

I know that Maidstone (15), Margate (18), Deal (3), Hawkinge, Chichester and Brookwood have Luftwaffe burials, but there must be others.

The reason that I ask is that over the summer I would like to visit the graves of as many of those Luftwaffe aircrew still buried in the south east U.K. as I can.

Hi Geoff,

There are a number of German graves in the CWGC part of Dyce Old Churchyard near Aberdeen (not very near SE UK I know!). When I spoke to the local Registrar of Deaths for that area some time ago he indicated that many of the Germans who were originally buried here in the UK were reburied in Germany after the war. I didn't follow that up so I'm not sure how accurate that would be.

I would imagine that the CWGC are responsible for the care and maintenance of graves in the cemeteries that you mentioned, and certainly the ones at Dyce Old Churchyard are in a special area that contains only CWGC graves. Perhaps you could send them an e-mail and ask if they have the info to hand?

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