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Re: Book on French AF 1939-40?


Thanks for the answers so far, but any more ideas still welcome.

I am getting "Twelve Days in May" by B.Cull and B.Lander but as it is coming from Canada by surface mail I won't have it for a while.

Sorry, but only books in English are of any use to me.

Maybe "ineffective" wasn't the perfect word, but as is said above most WW2 histories dismiss the efforts of the French AF (along with Belgian and Dutch forces), and my interest was in seeing if a less simplistic history exists.

For instance, I have no idea of what damage was inflicted upon the Luftwaffe.

In response to a couple of other points raised here, whilst I do not doubt the skill and bravery of some of the men involved, to blame everything on a paralysed high command is surely too simplistic, in the same way as for instance Haig is misrepresented in the Great War as being a poor leader and as uncaring as to the fate of his men, when the opposite was the case.

It is surely not unreasonable to ask why the French armed forces as a whole, and the AF as an integral part, did not have more success in stemming the German advance, compared for instance (and I recognise a whole host of other factors are involved) to the success of the Finnish Air Force against the Soviet hordes.....

There again Finland isn't known for it's cheese...........