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Re: Uncle died over France July 1944

Ah, I see you already had gone down the path suggested!!
Good to hear one of the crew is still going strong!
Send him our best, please.

You should be able to identify which Luftwaffe units flew the Ju88, to narrow down your search a bit. I don't recall if there were Ju88 units permanently stationed in France, so you might need to extend your search.

If 4/NGJ4 and/or Hauptmann Sothe were flying Ju88, and they came down close to Chartres, then it could be him.
Incidentally, Sothe claimed his Abschuss at 1,800 metres, approx 6,000 feet at 01:14.... not such an ennyomolly!!
It may be that someone has given you the details of Sothe's SECOND claim that night at 01:54 in the Artenay area at 7,000 METRES
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