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Re: Unidentified FW 200C Condor losses in 1940 from I./KG 40

Ah, no. Several possibilitys are against this kind of interpretation of number "306 0015". This component was most likely common to them transports too, certainly part number 306, as that is for control surface, rudder, elevator, flap etc. Thus component could have been "destined" for the 15th Condor, or just the 15th part produced by Weser, and component could certainly even have been "recycled" to other plane at later date. The best clue to this is "makers date" 12.39 (read Inspection Date, December 1939) but this is soon enough even for W.Nr. 200 0003 (ff Bremen 17.02.1940) but has known later history. Althoug I have put F8+KH as possibility of loss for 20.08.40, I find this proof, not clear enough.

I explain: You have to find part number 1xx xxxx to have possiblity of a match (fuselage), and the extreme rear end at that (but not a fairing, like on condors), to have any possibility of match with part number. This is because W.Nrs. stuck to the rear part of fuselage end, ie. the part around tailwheel.

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