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this is to inform you that JFV 12/II has gone to the printer, regardless of the issue still pending which is the subject of the thread Larry Hickey has started a couple of days ago regarding an emblem in use by I./JG 52. Since any possible solution to this problem will only affect the appendix to Vol. 12/II the printed manuscript can be adapted accordingly up to the last minute.

Vol. 12/II will comprise some 512 pages with about 240 photos; it will cover the rest of JG 51 - i.e. III. and IV./JG 51, 13.(Pz.)/JG 51 and 15.(span.)/JG 51 - as well as the Stab and I. - III./JG 52. At the end there will be an appendix with quite a number of additions and corrections referring to the previous volumes.

I hope that given the oncoming Christmas season the book will be out by mid February 2013.

Vol. 12/III will then cover the rest of JG 52 and all of JG 54 with subordinated units. We're working on it to bring it out by the end of 2013 not only to close the chapter dealing with the east in 1943 but also to return to our schedule of two volumes per year. After all we're not getting younger and this series has been going on now for almost 13 years.


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