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JFV 13/IV has finally been finished and will go to the publisher hopefully next week; not sure whether he can make it before the end of the year though but we'll all do our best.

JFV 13/IV will comprise 500 pages with appr. 160 photos; it will cover the General Part, i.e. changes in organization of the Fighter Arm in the Reich and the West in 1944, new fighter a/c introduced in 1944, changes in camouflage and marking etc.

The units covered are JGs 1 incl. Sturmstaffel 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6, the latter two incl. the Gruppen from JG 5 which became IV./JG 4 and I./JG 6. There will be a short summary for every Geschwaderstab and Gruppe followed by the usual tables showing the Kommodore, Gruppenkommandeure and Staffelkapitäne, the airfields used, the subordination of the units, strength-returns, a/c allocation, claims and losses and changes in camouflage and markings.

JFV 13/V is almost complete and will have to go through the usual correcting-process but should be ready for the publisher in late spring 2019; it will cover JGs 7 to 54. JFV 13/6 is also already in the making with the chapters on JG 76 and 77 being completed. No exact idea when the volume will be finished but hopefully also next year.

I will keep you posted.


Jochen Prien
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