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Re: French books on the 1939-1940 fighting

- Very funny, and so new. Congratulations.
I admit maybe I should have written "won the fighting in the air" - maybe. Y'know, if you make a judgement after having counted the points like for a boxing fight. The Armée de l'Air beat the Luftwaffe 2 : 1. In the BoB it was more something like 1 : 1. The French were not there...

if you feel it was funny, than i had more success than you with your joke about alfred price. ( remember horrible englishman ? ).

ok to your post.
do you see a reason to being insulting ? ( called me arrogant)
if somebody here is arrogant, then its you.

according to the Generalquartiermeister der deutschen luftwaffe.
losses from 10. may 1940 - 1. 7. 1940

635 bomber
147 schlachtflieger
457 jäger / zerstörer

= 1239 planes ( combatplanes only, all causes ,destroyed or damaged more than 10 %

how many shot the brits down ?
how many the AAA ?
how many are lost due assidents ?
how many damaged ?
and last but not least how many the french ?

so, sir hawkeye, time for you to post some numbers.
but to make it short, i dont need a novel just hard numbers.

and not to forget , the french losses.
if possible the british too.

edit : i found some speeling errors.

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