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Ju 87 in Foreign Service is just ready, :-)

Ju 87 in Foreign Service
Miroslaw Wawrzynski
Jacek Jackiewicz (Illustrator)
Red Series No 5107
Publishing date: June 2005

104 pages (16 in colour)
240x165 mm (B5)

£ 9.99 (GBP)

Mail order:
£ 11.00 (GBP) - UK/Europe
£ 12.50 (GBP) - elsewhere

On 27-29 June 2005 has been edited my book “Ju 87 in Foreign Service”. Now is despaching to the bookstores. Book is about foreign users of dive-bomber 1940-1945. Editor is Model Moshrom Publication (some of you already know this editor from others titles). Book is for English readers - text only English.

“Ju 87 in Foreign Service” is in MMP’s 9 ¼” x 6 ½” soft-cover format. Contains 104 pages of B-5 size (including 36 color pages for colors). There are 97 b&w wartime photos + 2 colors wartime photos of Italian Doras (from 206a Squadrligia and NVT-1 flight from 1944). Many photos are presented the first time. Photos material are well reproduced. Aditionaly to the text+photos are 45 color illustrations of Ju 87 in profile.

Book’s cover and some inside pages you may see:

This is the story about wartime use of Ju 87 by: Hungarian, Italian, Rumanian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Russia - ROA (KNOR) and other foreign users (including single planes in British, American, Soviet, NOVJ, Spain service).

I. Hungary - RKHL - chapter has 15 colours of Ju 87 A-1, B-2, D-3, D-5 version. 2 Stukas have 4 side colours (Ju 87 B-2 - B.601 and Ju 87 D-5 - B.7+03).

II. Italy - Regia Aeronautica - chapter has 9 colors of Ju 87 B, D version, (one Ju 87 B-2, “yellow 10” of 209a Squadrligia in four viewes.

III. Rumania - ARR - chapter has 8 colors of Ju 87 D-3, 5 (one 4 side view of Ju 87 D-5 yellow code “861”, with white inscription „Hai Noroc! - Good luck!” and on the oposite side was written “Si bucurie ...! - And happyness ...!” of the Esc. 86, Grupu 6 picaj.

IV. Slovakia - SVZ - contains 3 colors of Ju 87 D-5

V. Bulgaria -VV - 2 colors of Ju 87 R-2 and Ju 87 D-5

VI. Others users are mix of colors - there are one captured by British and shortly used by 73. Squadron (Ju 87 R-2, 209a Squadligia, “yellow 10” with 4 viewes - There is both in Regia Aeronautica and RAF markings - interesting for moddelars. Also one side of each Doras-3s used by 213. Sqn and 601. Sqn in North Africa 1942-43.

There are also colours of use by American (D-3) and NOVJ - Titos Partisan Ju 87 Berta-2 (W.Nr.0406) - he was captured by partizans in the end of 1944. It was made airworthy in February 1945 and was used for several months by Yugoslavian pilots in the Communication Flights (“Ekadrila za vezi”).

There is also Spain Berta -1 from Spanish Civil War (black 29.8) of the 5.K/88.


Mirek Wawrzyński
Mirek Wawrzyński
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