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Re: Corrections and Additions

Thanks for your answer. If your information is correct it could have been a picture of the Bf 109 from:
Ob.d.L. Genst.Gen.Qu.6.Abt.(IC)Nr 3420/40 g.K. H.Qu, den 15.7.40.
Flugzeugunfalle und Verluste der Verbaende am 13.7.40.
66.) 19.5. Luftflotte 2. 6./JG 20, F, Eindhofen, Absturz infolge Motorbrand.1 Mann verletzt. At August 20th 1940 there was a "Berichtigung" that the plane was 100% Bruch.

Acc. to JVS 3 page 188 the pilot was Gefr. Kurt Koch from 3./JG 20.
The plane at the picture has made it's landing with a working engine and was not burned out. It does not look 100% Bruch to me, but you never can tell.

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