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Re: Korean War Aircraft Loss Database

Originally Posted by NickM View Post
Well not sure how much of an advantage that gave the Sabers if the Mig force could loiter over the border several thousand feet above the Sabers and the Sabers usually had the issue of fuel as well. Did either side/both sides have ground control radar?
What the chance hundreds of Mig-15 "loiter over the border several thousand feet" everyday whether Sabers come or not? More likely, there were only a few Mig-15s on alert, others would scramble up when their radar detect US aircrafts coming. So Sabers can choose when and where to fight, if they choose not to enter Mig Alley, then there would be no fight, when they choose to enter the Mig Alley, then they could choose the position they want to hit, Mig-15s had to defend the entire border regions and the Chinese army's supply routes across China-Korea border, if they won a dog fight with Mig-15s, they could pursuit across the Chinese border, if they loss, they only need to leave the Mig Alley area, and MIg-15 would not pursuit outside border region, and if the operational Sabers became low, they can simply stay in their base safely refit and recover without risking being attacked, hence they held the initiative.
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