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JFV Vol. 14

as of today the manuscript of JFV Vol. 14 has been sent to the publisher so that it can be released towards the end of this year. Vol. 14 covers the operations in the Mediterranean ToW in 1944 of I./JG2, I./JG4, I./JG5, Stab, III. and IV./JG27, II./JG51, Stab, I., II. and III./JG53, Stab, I., II. and III./JG 77 with 10./JG301 as well as II./JG301. It will comprise some 460 pages and 347 photographs.

Work on Vol. 15/I - operations in the East in 1944 - is under way; the current schedule is that Vol 15/I of two will comprise Stab, II., III., IV., 13. and 14./JG5, III./JG 11 as well as Stab, I., II., III. and IV./JG 51. No publication date set yet but hopefully it will be published in mid 2021.


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