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Chuck Older 23rd Fighter Group

Two questions:

According to "Stars and Bars" Older claimed five victories in 1944 while flying with 23rd Fighter Group. The first of these was while flying an unidentified P-51B, (of 74th FS) the remaining four flying a P-51C-11. The exact model of the P-51C-11 argues this fighter was attached to a squadron. Which one?

Was Older flying as a flight or squadron commander on the sorties of December 18 and December 19?

My third of the two questions is...

On January 17, 1945 he leads the 118th FIS in an attack on Tachang airfield. In "Stars and Bars" this is identified as a P-51C but would it not be a F-6C?

Over to you Frank, because "I knows you got the answers". I suspect some of them are in the CBI victories book but I can't find my copy. It should be with my WW1 USAS and 300-series volumes but I have taken it from there and put it somewhere... possibly the same place as my reading glasses -I really am getting old
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