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Re: Chuck Older 23rd Fighter Group


Frank Olynyk, in his CBI victory list, does not ID in detail the Mustangs used by Older in 1944. He just lists them as P-51s
Older's victories are listed under 23FG and not 118TRS as such.

I also believe the 118TRS used a mixture of F-6 and P-51s (mostly C-models)
I find it very difficult to see any difference on photos if an aircraft actually is a modified photo-recce version or not. Most photos are from the wrong side (no photo hatch visible) or from such a distance it simply is not visible.
Thus the same aircraft can be listed as either an F-6C or P-51C depending on who has written the sub-text.

My own guess, since Older was an old fighter pilot, and on top a LtCol at the time, if he did have a choice I would say he would have chosen a P-51C and acted as "top-cover" when flying recce-missions. At least that is what I myself would have done, if I had had his background and skill!

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