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Re: Lt GC Duncan OS2U kill?

Originally Posted by Frank Olynyk View Post
When NARA II reopens I will pull the deck log and Action Report of Louisville and see what it says. I have two kills by Kingfisher pilots in my files. The first is by Lt(jg) Robert Wheeler Hendershot on July 4, 1944 3 miles E of Iwo Jima, flying from the cruiser Santa Fe, VCS-13. The second, as noted, is by Lt(jg) Douglas William Gandy on February 16, 1945, also at Iwo Jima, flying from the Pensacola, VCS-5.
Thanks Frank

Precisely this claim has come out a bit garbled on page 70 in your claims book.
Pilot's name is written as Hendershott (Can you confirm one T? He is spelled Hendershott on page 444 as well).
Was his claim actually acknowledged? After his name you have 0.0 in brackets, both on page 70 and 444

I cannot see VCS-13 mentioned anywhere in the book. Was this the units only claim during the war?


PS: I take it Gandy is an addition, since I cannot find him anywhere in the book?

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