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VF-15 attacks on Philippines 13 September 1944

I am (as you no doubt have surmised) working through the career of George C. "Duke" Duncan and VF-15.

On this date VF-15 attacked the Bacolod air complex. The CAG (David McCampbell) spotted two Oscars and attacked them. He then found another formation of "Nates". He claimed three kills.

On this date a formation from the 32nd Kyoiku Hikotai that was armed with Ki-79s and two older Ki-43-I Oscars was attacked and decimated. Cleaver in his highly readable "Fabled Fifteen" states that the Hollywood actor Bert Morris claimed a Nate and an Oscar, Lt Wendell Twelves claimed four Nates (actually three and a probable), Duncan claimed a Sally (actually he claimed two- one shared, a Nate and another Oscar)....

I assume that VF-15 met the above named Japanese units as well as the Ki-43-II of 30th and 31st Sentai? By the way Morris is only credited with a "Zeke" in the VF-15 war history. Dis he lose a credit after the war?


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