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Re: RAAF Losses Over Korea

Here is a start. I have not found total sorties etc., but I am sure the info exists "somewhere".

The 8th Fighter Bomber Group is an example of a USAF close air support group that operated though-out the Korea war. The 8th FBG consisted of three squadrons, the 35th, 36th, and 80th.

See pdf page 3 on this link for summary of 8th FBG operations in Korea:

The group started with F-80s, then converted to F-51s (August/September 1950). In December, 1950, they went back to F-80s. They converted to F-86s in the spring of 1953. They primarily flew close air support and interdiction missions during the war.
The full KIA/MIA List by squadron is here:

The 35th FBS had 31 KIA/MIAs. The 36th had 35. The 80th had 40. Thus the 8th FBG had a total of 106 KIA/MIAs.
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