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Re: Oblt/Hptm Wilhlem Knapp

Originally Posted by Chris Goss View Post
... that the recorded location is vague...
Chris - sorry, a typo. It sholud read Obernau, a small hamlet of around 90 inhabitants in 1944 and today a part of Netphen.

Source is an older publication about WW2 in this area. The author got his information from Knapps widow as well as from local eyewitnesses accounts. Knapp was identified by personal documents on the crashside, according to his widow the reason was given with an faulty altimeter.

The type of a/c is given with Ju 88 in this booklet, but as the 188 was widely unknown to common people during WW2, both types were often mixed up.

According to an issue of the "Fliegerblatt", a second crewmember was a Fw. Josef Zimmermann.

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