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Re: Bombing civilian targets by the Luftwaffe?

you surely mean Wielun, bombed in the morning of 1.9.1939. But this was not an experiment. Two Stuka units - I./StG 76 and I./StG 77 - tried to hit a Polish military unit (according to German documents a "cavalry brigade") reported as based in the city or marching through it. And in the end in fact there died many civilians living there. But surely not hundreds. Polish sources mention about 1200 killed people, but I doubt it. This exaggerated figure was never corrected.

What is the source for bombing Jewish ghetto in Warsaw more than the rest of the city?

this thread is also concerning the Luftwaffe action. If somebody in Germany gave the order for bombing civilian targets I would like to know who did, when and what German Luftwaffe units made it real. Perhaps somebody here could mention a German document to bring the evidence for this.