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John Beaman: closing threads

Mr. Johm Beaman, certainly you are closing this thread (EOE) as well and for the same reasons as the recent Galland-thread? "The tone is not acceptable on this forum."

6th May 2019, 00:34

John Vasco
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Re: The Eagles Over Europe Project

Originally Posted by robert
Hi Del,

manuscript for 1.9.39 is finished - there are approx. 600 pages of text, which must be edited and adjusted to our book format. Maps are finished and we are working on aircraft profiles. We are still looking for some photos! So if anyone could help us in this subject it will be greatly appreciated.
On the other side I`m now finishing manuscript for 14.9.39 - more than 120 pages.




After all, this is me: "...we have the self-proclaimed orator John Vasco spreading negative and misleading nonsense in public on this board and to anyone else he meets on his travels..."

While in the same paragraph this appeared: "...Why on earth should we divulge what the timetable is, the structure of each volume, the page content, the photo content, the map content, the text content? It is no one's business..." So, to all of you on here who have helped over the years and decades, this translates as 'you are going to be told 'jack'.

So on the one hand I'm spreading negative and misleading nonsense (which is a 100% lie!), and on the other nothing is divulged and it's no one's business. Nobody knows anything (including me), but apparently I'm spreading negative and misleading nonsense because I express an opinion.

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