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Re: John Beaman: closing threads



I can not understand this kind of attitude, really. We are most of us here, as Members, to learn, to share, to grow up as persons linked by the same kind of interests, namely Aviation and History.

You had the chance to apologize, not only to the acknowledged Historian you offended, personally; but to all members of this Forum, mostly because the way the previous thread started, aggressively. Last thread did not showed us documental evidences, nor proofs of your theory for Galland’s claims, nor Logbooks or Flugbuchs, etc.

At first I thought you could also be a South American, but all pointed to you being a French (your quoting of French books , etc.).

Do you see, like you, there are some authors that I have read that are not so good as others; but that does not give me the right to attack them personally. Maybe I can criticize the work (a particular one, not the full length), not the man whom I never saw or do not know personally. And guess what, you (we) forgot about the Editors…sometimes you do send them 16 pages and a lot of photos, and the article do appear with 10 pages and much less photos or text (a Frankstein, technically speaking). So, the fault belongs to whom? It belongs to the author who signs the text, or to the Editor who cut it and sometimes do not appear (namely)? And sometimes most of writers do have a deadline, a timetable to follow and can not proceed the way “he would like to have the book printed”. It happen frequently I guess.

Most of us do enter this Forum for pleasure, on our leisure time. We are not here to be aggressive, or offensive; on the contrary. We are here to learn, to share, to grow up as fellow “sprog historians” (or Acknowledged Historians). We do not have time to put fingers on one’s face…rather to ask ourselves where we can be better, where we can be more humble…and even some really acknowledged Historians, with dozens of books do ask for help here, humbly. We go nowhere alone…we do grow up with others and amongst others, in all senses. Even Fighter Pilots do need wingmen.

So now that you do have a face and a name, maybe you could start your threads in another way, what do you think?

We are not competing here on this Forum amongst us to be the Greatest Military Historian, or the guy who have more original pieces (wrecks or parts) of rare WW2 Airplanes, or the rarest signed photograph, or the most expensive yet photograph ever sold at Ebay, etc…And guess what, some of the writers are not even pilots! Maybe they have seated on military aircrafts, but not flown them personally! Amazing, not? And even if they are fully credited ex-Military Airmen, this not makes them better than those who are not, in terms of research, published work, etc…There is ONE thing that you fight hard to earn here: CREDIBILITY.

This is why some of us do sign here under our real names and that sprog historians like me, still crawling like a “baby” on the game of writing and publishing, do have the opportunity of talking or exchanging notes with a “famous” historian whose books we do have; those who have inspired us. Internet gave us this opportunity. Let’s use this technological feature to make friends not enemys.

So, you are a translator not a “free-lancer” writer.

You met Galland personally and was invited to his house several times. Great. Really fantastique. Most of us would have liked to have the same opportunity, believe me. But, that gives not you the right to feel you are better or less better than others here, nor to offend persons or works who have taken time to be produced.

And do you know, what is really amazing in life…”you reap what you sow”.

Congratulations for all Moderators of this Forum.

Wish you and yours a lovely week, in health and peace. Guess we need more peace in Earth nowadays….something an old Generation fought for, between 1939 and 1945.

OBS: I just discarded a text that was a bit offensive that I have written before. I shall not offend anyone here. No, not me. I shall not enter this game.

Adriano Silva Baumgartner, ASV 00.344
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