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Re: Luftwaffe losses over Germany / November 1944

Originally Posted by cobrahistorian View Post
Hi all,

Im also looking for information on Luftwaffe losses on 26 November 1944, specifically one shot down south of Dummer Lake at approximately 1245hrs local time. Flight Officer Orzeleks claim reads as follows:

I was Seldom Red Four at 20,000 feet when we observed a group of B-24s being attacked by e/a. On our first pass, I came directly behind a Fw190 who was firing on a B-24, which blew up in flames. My first burst showed two flashes on the left wing, and I followed him until I got in a long burst, with strikes observed all over the wings and fuselage, just behind the cockpit, and a column of smoke coming from the engine. The plane went into a lazy like roll and then straight down.

Im looking into B-24 losses that day as well to reconstruct the battle somewhat.


Try using this as a start .. never mind. upload doesn't work with Docx andmy pdf file slightly too big. email me @ marshall_william at Hotmail. put 26 November in subject block. The 355th and 361st did the most damage east and south of Hannover
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