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Re: Photo online: Bf 109 E-7 w.3, 8./JG 5, May 1942


Bf109E 5975 was lost in the tundra and the 'remains' are now in the USA along with 10256 and 10144. I doubt it was recovered from an old airfield.

Also 2023 was Black 9 and was also recovered and is with Jerry Yagen in Virginia USA.

27.05.42 Bf 109E-7 WNr 2023 "Black 9" of 8./JG 5 flown by Ofw. Walter Sommer shot down in air battle at 13:14 CET (Central European Time) between oz. Njal-javr and r. Lebjashka (Kola municipality) by Soviet Hurricane of 2. gvSAP VVS SF (Lt. Kolomiets). Also claimed by AA of 1./426 OZAD, located NW Murmashi.

So white 3 but which unit and which aircraft I do not know.


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