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V1 interceptions in East Sussex

Can anyone direct me to accurate reports of where V1's fell short, landing in East Sussex around the Battle area?

On 6th August 1944 a Tempest crash landed near my village after what was believed an interception of a V1 which presumably then exploded and damaged his aircraft. He didn't bale out, he didn't turn off the engine or lower the undercarriage so my thinking is that the explosion incapacitated him.

To my current knowledge there were only two V1's that came down close to our village, one which left several impact craters does seem to fit with a mid air explosion, but was on 1st August, so not the one he intercepted.

I can't find the date for the second, and that did explode as the roof of our Memorial Hall was damaged and took many years of arguing for War Reparation funding to be paid.

Neither of these therefore fit with the date or a mid air explosion, but I can't trace a third V1, hence my appeal for any experts out there for better information on V1 crash sites, preferably with dates.

Any suggestions, please? Looking to commemorate the event this year.
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