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Re: V1 interceptions in East Sussex

Thanks both and whilst they are about the V1 campaign, it doesn't give details on ones that fell in East Sussex.
The AWM last Post ceremony (and his name screened over the front) are known to me and now also to his relatives in Australia who have provided in depth background and photos etc, plus ORB for 3 Sqdn at Newchurch.

It's because I would like a commemoration in the village that I need more precise details, as it seems that the V1 he was seen by his fellow pilot attacking (but not the result) MAY have been one that he directed away from the village.
I currently know of only two, one which had exploded mid air was not on the date that Mackerras was killed.
The other did explode with considerable force close to our Memorial Hall sufficient to badly damage the roof and took many years to have the reparation paid by the Government.
What I DON'T know is the date of that second V1 and as it exploded it doesn't seem to have been attacked by cannon fire which usually caused a mid air explosion such as may have caused the Tempest to crash.
Wing tipping tended not to be a 3 Squadron practice, unless all ammo exhausted but I'm told burning ammunition was being fired over a nearby road, so hadn't been exhausted (unless guns jammed).
So I need to find a V1 near our village on 6th August, and only to have two candidates.
One which did explode but on 1st August, and one which exploded on the ground on a date unknown.
Or was he hit by a proximity fuse AA shell from the nearby coastal batteries?
The records don't credit him with a V1 on 6th August (not surprising as he couldn't file a claim, and his fellow pilot didn't see what happened.
The priest conducting his burial did tell relatives attending that "he would be credited with destroying a V1" but that could either just be a soothing platitude, or from what he had been told.....
There is a rough sketch map of East Sussex (more akin to "Spot the Ball") which does show two sites around Ninfield and I have rough ideas of both crash sites, but not dates.

It's the hope of tracing who would record these the Royal Observer Corps, Police etc.
Village memories are sketchy, and History Group don't have anything more specific.
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