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Seeking ID for relic of insignia from BoB of III./JG27 a/c


This relic displays the insignia of III./JG27 and looks authentic. The seller provides information on the crash from which it was reportedly obtained, but it does not match the insignia painted on the piece of wreckage. We carry the incident reported by the seller in our EoE Luft Loss DB as:

"September 15, 1940

9./JG51 Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 (2803). Shot down in combat with fighters and crashed, and later exploded, at Skinners Corner, Mascalls, near Paddock Wood, 2.20 p.m. FF Fw Friedrich Klotz baled out but killed due to parachute failure. Aircraft 100% write-off."

Does anyone know anything further that would allow the correct attribution of this relic to a Bf109E crash during the BoB?


Larry Hickey
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Larry Hickey
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