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Re: Seeking ID for relic of insignia from BoB of III./JG27 a/c

I don't know how accurate this may be, but looking at the rivetlines on that piece, they don't match the drawings of the position were this emblem was used in 1940.

The few pics I found during a quick search that shows the emblem, it is located on the more or less square panel behind the supercharger intake. That panel should according to drawing not be riveted like in the pictures of the relic.

Furthermore, there seems to be traces of RLM75 on that piece which would indicate a later date than 1940. That's a bit uncertain though as unoffial greys was being tested during the battle.

The colors and the rivetlines combined though makes me think that the emblem comes from a later date when the emblem was carried on the enginecowling on Bf109G's. The rivet pattern matches that assumption quite well.

Cheers! / Anders

PS If you want me to send references backing my statement just let me know and I'll take care of it DS
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