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Re: ME109 German Pilot Watch

Originally Posted by Sussy9845 View Post
Hi everyone, my father is a huge historian when it comes to the Second World War and he taught me far more then I would ever learn in schools. He loves the history, both political and military and even has his own small collection of relics. His favourite part of the collection is his watch box. He has been collection pilot watches from around the world, and the next one he wants is a German pilots watch like the ME109. I would love to get him one as well since his birthday is coming up soon.

Does anyone have one of these watches that they would be willing to part with? Or any other Luftwaffe pilot watches for that matter? I do not know too much about the collecting side so I assume that there are many different watches from that period, if anyone could enlighten me a little bit so that I can better search for this present that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Thanks for your advice Chris. I contacted the dealer that you linked to and they were able to put me in touch with someone who was selling a nice watch as the owner so they could answer some interesting questions about it. My father is going to be so pleased
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