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Re: In General, What is Everyone Doing?

Hi, Bronc... and all other contributors .

I like the question, and really like the varied answers. For me, a child of the early Sixties, I grew up with my father making model aircraft of his point of reference, World War 1. I followed that example, but this time looking back to World War 2. I saw some images in a book showing the 'Humbie Heinkel' (Humbie is a small hamlet near Dalkeith, which is near Edinburgh, Scotland) and immediately fell under the spell of this iconic machine. I began to read about the Heinkel and then other German aircraft, but much of the literature still had information originating from wartime, and everything was described as 'inferior' compared to British aircraft... not surprising, I dare say.

However, this in turn triggered a curiosity in me... surely not all German aircraft could be as bad to fly and operate as they were being described? I also marvelled at the many and varied colour schemes, and colour combinations are quite often still a trigger for me to build and finish a model in a given pattern or with particular markings. Also, modelling was one of the few mechanisms by which I could see and fully visualise a German aircraft - other than, say, a Messerschmitt Bf109 or Ju87 - at that early age... Fw200s, He177s and undoubtedly Bv141s all became wonderful reality through modelmaking.

Although I did actually make kits of many nationalities' aircraft, I eventually gave in completely to my interest in the Luftwaffe. I have been an avid modeller for 40+ years now and although never considering myself an expert, I occasionally chip in here with some information, or an image or two. The community here on TOCH has always been helpful, both to myself and others and I also believe it to be a courteous place to interact and learn with others. I have attended one event with Luftwaffe veterans present, and travelled abroad on occasion, both as a direct result of being a member of this forum.

TOCH is a place where many come and contribute and/or learn to varying degrees, but it is never a dull place to visit. I hope it will remain as helpful, friendly and informative in the future.

Warmest regards to all,

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