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Re: La5FN & earlier models - numbers

- I wouldn't dare to call myself an expert, but I'd like to give additionnal info about the losses (seemingly including all branches of service, because figures are slightly higher than those given separately for VVS KA only) : in 1944, 703 La-5s of all types (217 La-5s, 373 La-5Fs and 113 La-5FNs) were lost because they were considered as "weared", and 736 others (61 La-5s, 426 La-5Fs and 249 La-5FNs) were lost in accidents (no distinction is made, as far as I know, between training and operational ones).

Which indicates that a total of 58 % of all La-5 losses (2446) that year were non-combat ones, and that may explain seemingly high loss rates resulting from stock levels.

- As far as the stocks are concerned, if I'm not mistaken, your figures are the ones for Front VVS only. Therefore, I think PVO and VMF numbers should be added to those. Unfortunately, the VMF figures I have do not make distinctions between LaGG-3, La-5 and La-7 types, so that I can't say what are specifically La-5 figures. As for the PVO, the La-5 strength was the following : 20/11/1942 : 7 (2 unserviceable), 01/07/1943 : 98 (17 unserviceable), 01/01/1944 : 229 (32 unserviceable), 01/06/1944 : 400 (39 unserviceable), 01/01/1945 : 565 (58 unserviceable), 01/05/1945 : 423 (50 unserviceable).

I hope that can help you.
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