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Black 3 of II. / JG 6


there seems to be some controversy about the W.Nr. of Black 3 at Halle.

In Vol. II of the JaPo title, it is stated that it would be 600 422, but no explanation for this as far as I can see. I take it that there is a source (a report from the US forces?) for this W.Nr. related to a Dora at Halle?!

In Vol. 1 of the Dora book by Jerry Crandall, the attached new photo is included (courtesy of AMC), the close-up on the W.Nr. seems to show unmistakebly the digits 90, most likely 090. JC therefore presumed that 600 090 should be the full W.Nr.

I would be interested where does the info about 600 422 come from? Possibly relating to another a/c at Halle?

pic in upper left hand corner:

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