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Re: P47 & Pilot losses of the 332nd FG

Hi Alex,

I hope this 332.FG 'POW' list helps a bit. The 332. FG used the P-47D Thunderbolt only in May-June, 1944, - in July they switched to the better P-51B/C/D:

Griffin William, lt. 332FG/Luft I, VIIA Rome, Italy 15-Jan-44
Iles, George lt. 332FG/Stalag VII A Munich, Bavaria 25-Feb-44
Brown, Harold lt 332FG/Stalag VII A Linz, Austria 04-Mar-44
Morgan, Woodrow lt. 332FG/Luft III, VII Rome Italy 26-May-44
Hatchcock, Lloyd lt. 332FG/Luft III, VII A Rome, Italy Jun-44
Smith, Lewis Cpt. 99sq./Stalag Luft III Florence, Italy 08-Jun-44
Thompson, Floyd lt. 99sq./Luft III, VIIA Froli, Italy 29-Jun-44
Brown, Gene lt 301sq./Luft I Udine/Treviso, Italy 18-Jul-44
Carroll, Alfred lt. 332FG/Luft I Linz, Austria 25-Jul-44
Penn, Sterling lt. 301sq./Luft I, VIIA Linz, Austria 25-Jul-44
Williams, Charles lt. 332FG/Luft III, VIIA Yugoslavia 30-Jul-44
Daniels jr., Robert Cpt.332FG/Luft III, VII A Toulon, France 12-Aug-44
Macon, Richard 332FG/Luft II, VIIA Montpelier, France 12-Aug-44
Wise, Henry lt. 332FG/Luft I Ploesti / Bulgaria 26-Aug-44
Long, Wilbur lt. 332FG/Luft III, VIIA Blechhammer, Poland 13-Sep-44
Williams, Kenneth .I 332FG/Luft III, VII Athens, Greece 04-Oct-44
Lewis, Joe lt 332FG/Stalag VIIA Athens, Greece 06-Oct-44
Woods, Carroll lt. 100sq./Stalag VII A Athens, Greece 06-Oct-44
Smith, Luther lt. 302sq./Hospital, 18A Spittal, Austria 13-Oct-44
McCreary, Walter lt. 100sq./Luft III, VII A Somogybabod, Hungary 12-Oct-44
Gaitner, Robert lt. 99sq./Stalag VII A Mor, Hungary 19-Nov-44
Gould, Cornelius lt. 301sq./Luft 1, VII A Slovakia 02-Dec-44
Gorham, Alfred lt. 301sq./Luft III,VII A Munich, Germany Feb-45
Golden, Newman lt. 302sq./Stalag VII A Alps (Linz) 20-Mar-45
Hudson, Lincoln lt. 332FG/Luft III, VII A Tropau, Czechloslavakia 23-Mar-45
Driver, Clarence lt. 332FG/Stalag VII A Danube River, Austria 25-Mar-45
McDaniel, Armour Cpt. 301sq./Luft VIII Berlin 31-Mar-45
White, Hugh lt. 332FG/Luft III, VIIA Verona, Italy 04-Apr-45
Gaines jr., Thurston lt 302sq./Stalag VII A Nuremberg, Germany 15-Apr-45
Jefferson, Alexander lt.332FG/Luft III, VIIA Toulon, France 12 Aug. 44
Bolden, Edgar lt. 302sq./ L.uft I Linz, Austria ?
Brantley, Charles FO 100sq./Stalag VII A Mooseburg, Bavaria ?

P-47D (combat) losses of the 332. FG in 1944:

S/N: Date: Location: MACR:

42-74971 44.05.29. Italy 6921
42-75824 44.06.07. Italy 5639
42-75800 44.06.09. Italy 5758
42-74973 44.06.14. Italy 6922
42-75798 44.06.22. Italy 6079
42-26812 44.06.22. Mediterr. 6078
42-75830 44.06.26. Adriatic 7062
42-75958 44.06.26. Adriatic (Yugoslavia) 7061

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