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Re: Posting to the Allied Discussion form on British forces present at the Battle of The Heligoland Bay: 18 December 1939

Sorry I omitted that in my first post, but please find it attached.
The positions are as follows:
05 Ost 7425 53*54'N07*41'E
7422 53*59'N07*41E
7579 54*04'N07*21'E
7588 54*04'N07*41'E
The flight time from East Anglia to Borkum is about 3 hours, if they left the UK coast at 0930 the first a/c should have been at Borkum at 1330 German time.
It is my understanding, that BC raids were not conducted in the type of formation we later see employed by the 8 AF. The squadrons were tasked to attack a target and it was up to the individual plane captains (aircraft commanders) to chose the route and timing. This at least was the CONOPS until the advent of the bomber stream.
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