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Re: German docs in TSAMO

Thank you for the confirmation, Andrei. I am learning a lot as this project unfolds. For example, that the captured German documents formerly held in the Osobyi Archiv in Moscow have all been moved to the Ministry of Defense Archive in Podolsk (TsAMO). The German documents captured by the Red Army front units as they advanced through Russia and the eastern European countries 1943-45 were always at TsAMO, while those stored at the Osobyi Archiv were mainly non-military documents captured in Berlin in May 1945. This helps explain why the Heeresgruppe Mitte collection is so large - it was overrun in June/July 1944 before the Germans could burn everything. I do not think there will be as much material for the H.Gr.Nord and H.Gr. Süd areas.

Thanks again for bringing this collection and its release to our attention.

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